DALLIANCE- December 2013

DALLIANCE- December 2013

The fashion magazine run and written by young people
Language : English
Catégory : Women
Content : Fashion, Tony Bianco, Greg Kadel…

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This month in Dalliance: domino effect, time to travel; Bali, Paradise on, Earth, Kate Moss and the world’s fascination with her, and many other great articles to find out.

Dalliance has always been a very refreshing source of inspiration for the trend followers. And in this edition, we don’t fail to provide you with the best articles to make you understand and know more about what’s going on in the world today. In an article called “The domino effect”, Prudence Richardson explains in a very clever way how trends and fashion form and spread out and also how they evolve or why/how women fashion has experienced more refinement and change over time compared to that of men. In the travel section of this issue, embark to Bali, a piece of heaven on Earth, and find out the best accommodation and activities to enjoy there.