FASHION FACES – August 2013

FASHION FACES – August 2013

The Faces of Fashion Magazine
Language : English
Category : Women
Content : Alexis Mancio, Cassie Brooks…
130 pages

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In its August 2013 issue, “FASHION FACES” magazine focus on style (stage competition, stage sponsors, stage celebrity hair judge, stage June finalists), native beauty, Paris, earth sower, summer fling, fashion league and trigger finger. Rising stars that “FASHION FACES” promotes will be at the rendezvous!


Let us meet Diana Schmidkte who is a freelance stylist based in Los Angeles, specialized in men’s grooming style and haircare. Hollywood stars like Orlando Bloom, Georges Clooney, Robert Pattinson and Matt Damon are her clients! Brande Wilkerson is a creator, designer and photographer inspired by vintage. Another talent, Oscar De las Salas, will give advices to wear light and soft materials for summer! There is also an interview of beautiful Cassie Brooks who is signed with ENVY models and dreams of a photo shoot with… a huge snake. Cuter, Lola is a 3-month-old tabby cat that wants a family.