FASHION FACES – December 2013

FASHION FACES – December 2013

The Faces of Fashion Magazine
Language : English
Category : Women
Content : Tune in, turn on, fly out…

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ISSUE 24 EDITOR & PUBLISHER’S LETTER(S) Fashion Faces is delighted to feature our exclusive images and interview with Danish Pop Star, MEDINA! Ending the year strong with yet another icon of international acclaim, in this issue enjoy the vibrant selection of editorial images which reflect the latest in post-production editing styles & trends. The range of color and wardrobe stylings will inspire! – Editor in Chief, Jenna Belt Friends, Fashion Faces has partnered with GGI / Urban Picasso watches, to bring you very special deals, on very high quality and stylish timepieces. Don’t miss the Fashion Faces produced ads in this issue, just in time for the holidays, and watch future issues for new ads and special deals, for our readers. At Fashion Faces, we work with our sponsors to leverage deals that are specific to our readers. Just use promo code: faces, to receive your very special deals on GGI © Brand watches, at: Yours in Fashion, David Kidd

In this issue in Fashion Faces, learn more about your favorite designers and photographers: Vintage Vixen by Lauren Ray, French Beauty- The Doctor’s Wife by Clarissa Burt and many other captivating article to tackle.
In this edition, Lauren Ray’s sophisticated style showed up again in his Vintage Vixen with the perfect model and setting for this shooting. From leopard printing to gold thread knitting, Vintage Vixen tales an extraordinary story of a travel in time. The elegance of style is so well depicted though the precise cut of a very sexy low-neck dress. But if you prefer sparkle and vividness, Loft, a creation of Patricia Gomez-Garcia is especially tailored for your style. She offers a very classy approach to creation which she starts on a sober color that she doesn’t hesitate to revive through a touch of sparkle and provocative cuts.