FASHION FACES – February 2014

FASHION FACES – February 2014

The Faces of Fashion Magazine
Language : English
Category : Women

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On Fashion cover, Double Cover year 2, the Marcela Makeover in Timeless beauty, Movement from darkness to light by Brett Stoddart, Allie Gonino in the Road Ahead, or Liz Klein talking about Modern Geisha

The Concept of Articulated Doll is from the idea that a fashion model is to look a certain way in fashion world. The fact that the model is put in a box with mannequin heads represents a one-sided industry. It symbolizes the places of models in the fashion industry. Wade Lee and Lee Will have taken gorgeous photos for an amazing symbolization of this situation. On the other hand, FöM, Marcela’s very own skin product, comes from a blend of the words femme and home. As we live in a new era, old gender roles as well as rules are confining and out-of-date. The products have been designed as Marcela Urioste began to see an exciting new feeling of individualism and self-expression developing in people in everyday life. Enjoy the articles in the magazine by reading the full version.