FASHION FACES – November 2013

FASHION FACES – November 2013

The Faces of Fashion Magazine
Language : English
Category : Women
Content : Katarina Van Derham, Luna & Rambo, Simona Agostini, Regina Salpagarova…

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In its November 2013 issue, “FASHION FACES “ focuses on the following stylish topics : the women of Italy, first ladies in flight, black leather collection, New York princess and Phoenix Fashion Week-Part Two.

What makes a queen? For Stacy Blanchet of Blanchet Designs, it is a “woman who is smart, classy, sophisticated, and beautiful inside and out…” Katarina Van Derham meets these criteria. She became easily the muse of Stacy Blanchet. Today, “Queen Katarina” has over 50 magazine covers and 17 TV commercials. She is considered also as “One of Maxim’s most beautiful women in the world”. Italian, versatile and elegant are a few words that describe model, Simona Agostini. She started modeling at a very young age. After being chosen for the international children’s wear fair, Pitti Bimbo, her career in fashion industry never stopped. Taking advantage of her experience in industry, she travels around Europe working as fashion trainer for the prestigious luxury brand, GUCCI.