FASHION FACES – September 2013

FASHION FACES – September 2013

The Faces of Fashion Magazine
Language : English
Category : Women
Content : Paper dresses, yachts & rocks…

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In this edition, share with our love for prettiness and classiness. Fashion and beauty photography of this month: abandoned beauty, Hollywood starlets and many other themes we explored to put style upfront.

Enrich your look-book with Fashion faces. Be our time-traveler in this edition. Various themes are explored for you to present a genuine sense of style, a timeless experience of fashion you will not find but here. In a shooting called “abandoned beauty”, Evelyn Murphy brings a touch of originality to her art. She contrasted old and the new, a unique combination which seems to work so well. As for Susie Fleblon, in a work entitled: “Hollywood Starlet”, she made a vintage editorial in a Victorian style home with the perfect model, flawless make-up, best accessories and ideal hairstyle to match her inspiration.