REBELICIOUS – April 2014

REBELICIOUS – April 2014

The magazine for Girly Girls In A Brutal World
Language : english
Category : Women
Content : Homes, Style, Vintage, Shopping, Crafts. …

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“REBELICIOUS” features rebel articles in this edition: we learn more about Ciara Anne, Vanity Venom, Joanna Strange, Atomic Lace, The Creeps Store, Zombie Girl, Stacey’s Fashion Faves and Bloody Mary Metal.
Bloody Mary Metal is a brand that shows genuine passion, love, care, heart and soul poured into each and every piece they create. Based in Cornwall, the creations that come from their workshop are simply put and one-of-a-kind. They make a point of recreating old themes as anchors and bones into something new. For Lucy, the creator, the piece that means the most is the Hope & Anchor necklace, which was designed in the memory of someone very special to her. She decided to donate all the profit from this piece to MacMillan Cancer Support. Atomic Lace was formed from the combination of art and fashion. Pieces are just bold, unique, sparkly and unpredictable. This summer, the shop will be hitting its two-year mark and Atomic Lace Founder Laura Michele has many projects as new jewelry, T-shirts and hair accessories.