REBELICIOUS – December 2013

REBELICIOUS – December 2013

The magazine for Girly Girls In A Brutal World
Language : english
Category : Women
Content : Homes, Style, Vintage, Shopping, Crafts

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La Carmina on the front cover of Rebelicious Magazine in exclusivity with a very packed interview , washout clothing, Nandi forward photography, Scarlett Ward, Eustratia, Black Swan persona, Abandoned beauty and more.



You may say that washout clothing refers to washing; in fact it is a very different concept talking about self-expression and being comfortable with one’s own skin while wearing the unique clothing lines. The new designs are inspired mostly by anatomy and geometry, and also by classic gothic artwork and symbolism as well as modern avant-garde, usually bending more towards the abstract. If you are interested in self-expression’s style, the brand is designed for you. In addition, be acquainted with the world of running your own business, the article gives you besides tips especially if you want to get into the fashion industry. “Extreme” and “taboo” are a matter of perception according to La Carmina. Keep on reading and satisfy your curiosity about Evil Clown, Amy Murray…