REBELICIOUS – January 2014

REBELICIOUS – January 2014

The magazine for Girly Girls In A Brutal World
Language : english
Category : Women
Content : Vivi Sterling, Kerry Wheeler, Slaughter House Couture, Daniella Batsheva, Luci Alice…

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Find Vivi Sterling, the pocket-sized princess, telling Rebelicious about her plans and many other interviews such as Nikki White, Amy Zena, Kerry Wheeler, Daniella Batsheva, and Luci Alice photography…



The Slaughter House Couture tells Rebelicious about the reason and the way how they started, their inspiration when it comes to draw up new design, their favorite items, their point of view on latex’s growing popularity in the alternative industry, of course their tips for those willing to get into the fashion industry, their main highlight of running their own business. The illustrator Daniella Batsheva shares us what initially ignited her interest in illustration, also her experiences, and her favorite illustrators, what apart from illustration she likes to get up to, her future goals. Her interview is accompanied by a selection of her preferred illustration and some other astounding.