REBELICIOUS – March 2014

REBELICIOUS – March 2014

The magazine for Girly Girls In A Brutal World
Language : english
Category : Women
Content : SINderella Rockafella, Shelly D’Inferno, Justine-Louise Photography, Tay Jardine, JealousyJane Couture…

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In this issue, making the cover of Rebelicious: Sinderella Rockafella. Also in the same edition: Justine Louise Photography, Jealously Jane couture, Jessica Calvesbert and many other great articles to enjoy.
Rebelicious brings new perspectives to fashion and style. As usual, we provide you with an avant-garde outlook to the ever changing world of fashion. Among our rising stars of glam-makers, the fashion designer, Lacey Bannister, the photographer Jesse Bodas and the model Raven la Faye brought a corporative piece of Art called Tea For Two. This collection is great in beauty and innovation. It has this “je ne sais quoi” which will seduce you at first glance. It could be the setting that reminds you of Alice in the Wonder World or maybe the sophistication of its style involving gems, silk, beads and glitters, but both ways it is just ravishing. Learn more about this article in this month edition of Rebelicious.