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In this issue, Alicia takes a trip in Brand of the Month, Brittney Lorraine, Encaptured Perfection, Blacklite Bonnie in Model Anatomy and many other great articles to find out.
When fashion is not about stereotype and uniformity, then Rebelicious exists. Our selection of designers provides you with art pieces out of endless originality and creativity that stretches far way to another dimension of creation of arts. Amongst many, Alicia Hannah Naomi is a jewelry maker and style blogger who managed to incorporate business to her personal sense of aesthetic. In an interview with her, she reveals that jewelry designing is not only a matter of having the right taste but it requires mentorship, formal or informal training because at some point your craftsmanship needs to go the next level of standard. Find out more about the success stories of our selections of extremely talented designers in this edition of Rebelicious.