REBELICIOUS – June/July 2013

REBELICIOUS – June/July 2013

The magazine for Girly Girls In A Brutal World
Language : english
Category : Women
Content : Homes, Style, Vintage, Shopping, Crafts. …
64 pages

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The June/July 2013 Rebelious issue focuses on the shiny, extravagant and uncommon style and personality of Cassia Sparkle, an alternative model known for her green hair.
Rebelious is a fashion and lifestyle magazine. But as indicated in its name. It’s not for every girl and woman. If you’re good and well-behaved girl who wants to follow the society’s rules, the magazine is not for you. Perfect beauty is not the leitmotiv of the publication. Inside it, you can discover a strong desire to be different. The magazine presents original designers who are conveying alternative values. The staging of the photos of the magazine helps to underline the difference of Rebelious compared to other fashion and lifestyle magazines. And regularly, music news is related to help you know the new sounds to listen to.