TEEN SPIRIT – January 2014

TEEN SPIRIT – January 2014

The rebel teens magazine
Language : English
Catégory : Women
Content : Fit girls, Insane Ink, Extreme sports, Cars…

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In this issue in Teen spirit, Miss Kimberley Purton our insane ink babe of the month, HIM’s lead singer Ville Valo in an exclusive interview. And many other great articles to find out.

In this edition of Teen Spirit, meet Miss Kimberley Purton. Kimberley is from New Zealand but she lives now in Queensland Australia. She would describe herself as thoughtful, stubborn and creative. Miss Kimberley Purton is the insane ink babe of this issue. She is a tattoo artist, she see it as her dream job and consider herself as very lucky for that. Find out more about this story in an article called: “Miss Kimberley”. Also in this edition, Ville Valo agreed to an interview with Teen Spirit. The lead singer of the legendary Rock band HIM. The visit of the group to the UK marks the end of their tour and they are pleased it happened in the UK for various reasons you will know to discover in this interview.