DOC! – August 2013

DOC! – August 2013

The photomagazine
Language : english / polish
Category : Arts & culture
Content : Marc Erwin Babej, Krystian Bielatowicz, Giuliano Camarda….
224 pages

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« DOCS » magazine, in its August 2013 issue, focus on Detroit and the art of possible, an interview of Marc Erwin Babej, natural beauty, the Jahalin Bedouins in the West Bank, metamorphosis, father and son, milpa, cameraless records of radioactive contamination and fishes.


Detroit is dead of a deficit disorder. The truth is brutal for a city that was considered as one of the greatest of the United States. Let us meet, thank of an interesting interview, Marc Erwin Babej who works as a columnist for Forbes magazine, marketing consultant and protographer. Giuliano Camarda reminds us the fate of the Palestinian Bedouins that live in very poor, dramatic, emergency situation (demolition, requisition of cattle, attacks, transfers) in general indifference. Olaf Schuelke shares incredible pictures of the daily life of the most closed country in the world and last Stalinist regime: the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Not so far, Shimpei Takada, a native of Fukushima, decided to create a physical record – by electronic radiation – of the worst nuclear accident of Japan’s history.

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