PRIVAT AIR – Décembre 2014

PRIVAT AIR – Décembre 2014

the magazine for money-rich and time-poor people
Language : English
Category : Lifestyle

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The luxury dedicated magazine Private Air talks us about Nina Caplan, Josh Sims’ new pyjamas, Roger W Smith, a timepiece crafter, John Hopkins, Paul Mathews and much more.
True to itself, Privat Air keeps on showing us the most luxurious items, models and crafts inside the December 2014 issue. Drawing the attention of the timepiece lovers, the article dedicated to Roger W Smith is really rewarding. One of the only few independent watch crafters remaining, Roger W Smith continue the tradition to design and produce entirely handmade watches. Each component is sliced, crafted and assembled by hand. Finally, the timepiece lover who decides to buy a Roger W Smith watch has the guarantee to own a unique model. Beginning as an apprentice at the age of 19, Roger W Smith is now world-renowned to be one of the best watch crafters.