CARS GLOBAL MAG – December 2014

CARS GLOBAL MAG – December 2014

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Category : Cars and Motorbikes

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Want to know more about the next e-cars of the next decades? Read the December 2014 issue of Cars Global Mag and discover the new shapes of the GM future cars. The magazine also talks about the VW Passat GTE Nicolis car Museum in Verona, Italia.
Totally designed and engineered by the Chinese branch of GM, the futuristic Chevrolet named EN-V 2.0 is really surprising. According to the GM China president, the prototype expresses the vision of the group of the urban cars of the next decades. Indeed, in 2030, we will be more that 60% to live within cities and China is one of the most concerned countries. The EN-V 2.0 is fully electric, lightweight and connected. In fact, the little car is a solution of traffic jam and CO2 emissions. According to the president, the EN-V 2.0 is for short distances and designed to be compatible with car sharing.