GAMECCA – April 2014

GAMECCA – April 2014

the South African video gaming magazine
Language : English
Category : Computing & Internet

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In this edition, Gamecca provides you with many great articles about your favorite games. In the menu: previews of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, Hegemony Rome: The Rises of Caesar, Demon Gazes and many others captivating articles to find out.
Gamecca is a reference Magazine in games and computer novelties. In this edition, find out more about the legendary Hobbit, a Lego Tales strategic games that will challenge your cleverness and dexterity. This book by Tolkien is a genius art-piece and it has never been out of fashion since its first publication in 1937. This time the Lego franchise of the Hobbit is expected this month. This release is an “I can’t wait” event since the Traveller’s Tales has specialized in Lego games in recent years. Their productions allure gamers of all ages, both young and older audiences. Find out more about this story in an article called A Lego Journey.