GAMECCA – August 2014

GAMECCA – August 2014

the South African video gaming magazine
Language : English
Category : Computing & Internet

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This time in Gamecca: Sonic’s legacy, 13 games to look out for the next few months, 6 games under review and many other great articles to keep you updated.
Video game industry is a highly elaborated realm where things keep on changing rapidly or are constantly evolving. All along, Gemacca helps you keep an eye on its fluctuation. In this edition, Sonic is revisited. Way back in the past, Sonic was created to challenge Nitedo’s Mario. It was meant to be a very a cool character aiming to allure young people, mainly teenagers , who formed almost the entire consumer body at that time. The Saga industry has grown remarkably through the existence of this iconic character which has revolutionized the Industry thanks to its fast paced plots and its various elements and details it included. More of this story in our article called “The Survivor of Saga”.