GAMECCA – May 2014

GAMECCA – May 2014

the South African video gaming magazine
Language : English
Category : Computing & Internet

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Back in Gamecca, the Hobbit reviewed in Lego. In the front cover, breath of life in fighting the establishment in Watch_Dogs. Find twelve upcoming titles and new way to play online by 8Frag, and more.

Many think that there is a large diversity between the way online gaming is implemented and the desires of those who make use of these platforms. 8Frag, a team of people who see things differently, brings a revolutionary online game by bridging gaps between competitive and casual play and rewarding players in ways unlike anything that have ever seen before. Team Fortress 2, Counter strike Global Offensive are yet to be launched. Find at a glance what Dying Light is up to. It appears to be a spiritual successor to Dead Island. As far as Evolve is concerned, this action packed title is all about aliens versus humans. Sacred 3, Risen 3, or EA sports UFC, don’t miss the previews of these games.