GAMETRADERS – November 2013

GAMETRADERS – November 2013

The Australian video games retail franchise magazine
Category : Computing & Internet
Language : English
Content : Dead rising 3, Mad MAx, need for speed rivals……

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In this November edition, “GAMETRADERS” takes a peek at what is coming out with a flood of previews including Dead Rising 3, Mad Max, the Sims 4 and tons more. Our magazine also looks at some hot new graphic novels, anime, retro and of course its Cosplayer of the month.

The gamers in the USA are preparing to welcome the Xbox One and Playstation 4 into their homes. Instant battle lines were drawn between gamers who preferred one console over the other. With Americans living with an uncertain economy, most American homes will only be able to afford one of these consoles despite the temptation to postpone purchases on the upcoming holiday season. Mad Max is back! The storyline is original with virtually no tie in to any of the adventures of Mel Gibson and Tina Turner. Max is there again and the boy is mad… In his post-apocalyptic world! Lineage II has over 14 millions players worldwide. The latest launch of the game, Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction was launched in 2011 as a free to play, free to download title with the option of purchasing various in game items and themed packs.