EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY – January/February 2014

EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY – January/February 2014

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In this edition, find out about the news in technological development in H.E., college life tips for networking, the product review of this month and many other great articles to read.

In an era where technology is a key element to development and progress, Education Technology provides you with the latest trend in cutting edge smart tools in the learning world. In this issue, find out about the role and of social media at higher education. From Facebook and tweeter to Pinterest and Youtube, social media is growing an ever growing phenomenon. Whatever the reasons why millions of users register every day, social media happens to have revolutionized college life experience lately. Learn more about this story in an interview called “Get social” and find out how social media has reshaped their world and how they could take profit out of it.


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  1. hors les murs

    01. fév, 2014

    Très bonne conaissance du sujet, merci