KID MAGAZINE – April 2013

KID MAGAZINE – April 2013

The magazine for mums and children
Language : english
Category : Family
Content : babies, beauty, dads, mums, parents…
78 pages

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The forth issue of the Kid Magazine, published on April 2013, is mainly focused about children who don’t really like to eat. Advices for parents are given to make those fussy eaters more able to appreciate foods. The issue also talks about travelling with children and body care for women.

Kid Magazine is published not only for parents who want advices about taking care children, but also about for children. Fashion and shopping advices for both parents and children are always given, in accordance with the season. In each issue, a specific problem or fact is tackled. Fashion and entertainment products are presented to help parents buy what are good for the kids, but also for themselves. For active and modern mothers, beauty advices are given to help them keeping stylish. For kids, pages are focused on coloring.  Main characters of famous cartoons and animations are displayed to be filled. Easy to read, Kid Magazine offers a great moment of discovery.