BELLO – December 2014

BELLO – December 2014

Fashion magazine
Language : English
Category : Men

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Starring the December 2014 issue of Bello, Freddie Highmore is now a stylish man, according to his photos and the related article. Inside Bello, you can also find Rita Volk and Sophie Lowe fashion styles and some new eccentric lockers.
Playing the role of Norman Bates, based on the most known Hitchcock character, Freddie Highmore shows a new side of his huge talent. Inside Bello, he also unveils us a charming and low key fashion style. Wearing a Topman coat and a tie of the same brand, shot in black and white, Freddie Highmore is far from his previous appearances, especially when he played the character of Arthur inside “Arthur and the Invisibles” saga. Succeeding to become a man with his new role as a disturbed son, Freddie is one of the most talented young actors of the decade; and obviously an uncommon sex symbol.