NICHE – Fall 2013

NICHE – Fall 2013

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Language : English
Category : Lifestyle
Content : Travel to Manhattan, Helen Mirren, Coco Chanel…

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In this issue, we rediscover the couture icon Coco Chanel. Collin McAllister and Justin Ryan will show us how to transform cool summer home into a cozy fall retreat plus Misty accepted an experience once in a lifetime: transforming a lovely mom and lawyer to a stunning high fashion model!

Helen Mirren is best known for her Oscar winning performance as the title monarch in “The Queen”, however with “Red” in 2010, she developed a different kind of reputation with the role of a deadly assassin named Victoria. Mary Zilba is a singer, songwriter, television personality, activist and mother of three boys. She starred on the hit reality T.V. Series “The Real Housewives of Vancouver” and recently debuted her Buff Beauty cosmetic line on The Shopping Channel. Let us travel to a fascinating place between Taiwan and Thailand: imagine forty nine small islands inhabited where lands are flooded with lush overgrown jungle, sands are white as snow and waters clearer than crystal.