DO IT NOW – August 2013

DO IT NOW – August 2013

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Language : English
Category : Sports & Hobbies
Content : Night of the jumps, surfing in Namibia…
202 pages

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In August, Do It Now focuses on the Night of the Jumps that took place in Munich in April. The issue also talks about surfing in Namibia, Nissan Diamond Rush and Mauritius Ocean Classic.

Taking place inside the Olympic Hall of Munich, the Night of the jumps is an event that is a part of freestyle tournaments which are touring in Europe. Because the bikers did their best, the atmosphere was electric. The photos shown inside the August issue of Do It Now precisely relates the jumps.
In August, Do It now is also talking about the Mauritius Ocean Classic. At its fifth edition, the event is taking place annually and consists to a paddling race, precisely the Ocean Paddler World Surf Ski Series.
For the surfers, Namibia is a new destination to discover. The country now hosts several international contests, including Swakop Pro Surf.