SPORT MAGAZINE – September 27 2013

SPORT MAGAZINE – September 27 2013

The british sport MAGAZINE
Language : English
Category : Sports & Hobbies
Content : Santi Cazorla, Premier League; English team’s Champions League…

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In this issue, learn more about FIFA 14, Ronaldo’s score goals and the latest prediction about the Liver Birds. Also, find out Henry Cavill’s Oral-B “superbrush” and the new on-ear headphone in this edition’s grooming and kits.

This time, Sport magazine provides you with a very interesting appraisal of Ronaldo’s evolution since he left Manchester United. Starting the day he moved to the Real Madrid, Ronaldo’s style has changed as he carefully followed Meulensteen’s advice. Indeed, the latter told him “it doesn’t matter how he scores, as long as the ball goes in the net” and it seems to fit him perfectly well. While Ronaldo rocks the world, people really wonder when the England’s once upon a time Premier league superstar, Liverpool, will finally surprise us again. Learn out about the latest prediction on this legendary football club in an article called “Sleep disorder” and then you can start to bet. More articles to discover: Hughes Jackman’s latest movie, grooming kits and various accessories to add interest to your world.