GW – January 2014

GW – January 2014

The inflight magazine of German wings
Language : Deutsch / English
Category : Travel

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On GW’s cover in this edition, Wild art with Oslo’s sculpture park in a forest, article upon England’s second city serves up some spicy family recipes, in Trophy team, meet the people who make football’s most desired trophies in Bremen.



Hollywood recycles its hits in 2014 with a rash of remakes and sequels in the remake machine article. The 2014 reboot of RoboCop is one of them. In fact, it arrives as a fully equipped metaphor for Hollywood’s hardcore addiction to hitting the repeat button. However, with its themes, RoboCop looks more relevant today than it did in the 80s. People use to eat while watching film, so about food, Tim Raue is redefining Asian cuisine in Germany. Once a member of street gang in Kreuzberg, he hosts no politician and celebrities in his eponymous restaurant in Berlin. Read more about his very deep interview and enjoy our fun and games section.

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