HOLLAND HERALD – September 2013

HOLLAND HERALD – September 2013

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Language : English
Category : Travel
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“HOLLAND HERALD” concoctes this month various topics as “gamification”, the appeal of risk and why we need to feel danger to have fun, theatrical hotels, jaunt around Toulouse, tour of the ABC islands in the Carribean and football photography.

Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao are Caribbean islands that have reputation of spring break, music scenes and cultural diversity. Next year, Aruba celebrates its 60th Carnival season that sees Arubans take to the streets for procession with a booty-shaking in the best possible. Mike Peake examines why do some of us seek out big risks for fun and Toulouse, the “pink city”, makes us see “la vie en rose”. Life is a game: we call it “gamification”. Indeed, apps on mobile phones are more and more numerous and it exist in virtually every area of life -health and fitness, medical research, personal finances…-.