JETSTAR MAGAZINE – September 2013

JETSTAR MAGAZINE – September 2013

The in-flight magazine of Jetstar Australia
Language : english
Category : Travel
Content : Cate Blanchett, Bali’s eco warriors…

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“JETSTAR MAGAZINE” concocted in its September 2013 issue an interview of Cate Blanchett and various other great topics as the most beautiful treks in New-Zeland, indigenous culture at Uluru, Bali’s eco warriors, windsurfing in Hawaii, an evening with Kyoto’s geishas and the medical tourism boom in the Asia-Pacific region.

Sara Storer sings the praises of family, old friends and outback life in her new country album “Lovegrass”. A guided kayak tour is a great idea for a family escape: the Barwon River offers family-friendly trips over Grade Two and Three Rapids with forested hills surrounding the area, as on the Amazon! Byron Bay can be chosen also because it is magnificent, especially in June, for the dolphins that frolic in the surf. It is interesting to know if hormones make fat. Indeed, research proved that 40% of women have an underactive thyroid gland. Thyroid produces hormones which control body’s metabolism so suffering of a hormonal imbalance brings without fail to spare tyre around middle…