LET’S GO – December 2013

LET’S GO – December 2013

The inflight magazine of Ryanair
Language : English
Category : Travel

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In this edition, find out about snowmobiling in Sweden or maybe being on a funicular in Lisbon, Portugal. Also, read about the top travel news and events to keep you updated.

Let’s go, the magazine of all destinations provides you with thrilling details of your dream trips. On your journey with us you’ll learn more about many other places to discover and some more to revisit. On our first escape of this edition, “Tell me where to go” takes you to Brunel’s SS Great Britain which is thought to be one of the best museums in the UK. Brunel’s SS Great Britain was the first luxury steam-powered passenger ship. It gives you the impression of on-boarding the Titanic. It is said to be a sensational experience to try. Find out more about this fascinating story and read many others, equally great, in this issue.