LING – December 2014

LING – December 2014

La revista de a bordo de Vueling
Language : Espanol / English
Category : Travel

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Athens, Fuerteventura, Porto, Stuttgart, Roma, Nantes, Dakar and London are some of the dream destinations presented inside the December 2014 issue of Ling, the Vuelving in-flight magazine.
Let’s take off to discover Nantes, a French city located in the western part of France. Showing us a two-day path, Vuelving allows the visitors to discover the most famous treasures of the city, such as the monuments of the Place Royale and the Place of Bouffay. A journey in Nantes is also the opportunity to taste the most delicious crepes of the country, especially in La Crêperie Jaune. Another culinary treasure of Nantes is the LU biscuits.
A photo travel to Porto presents us three persons representing three different generations of authentic inhabitants. Although trades and occupations are evolving, they share the same love of their city.

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