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Benjamin Horton, the intrepid Los Angeles-based lensman, captured nature at its most fascinating face, the Grand Canyon at sunset. The intriguing Peru’s capital, Lima, shows its history from ancient ruins to Asian cuisine…

In Lima’s melting pot, make a breakthrough the fascinating mélange, resulted by a parade of cultures such as Spanish, Asian, and African… Skyscrapers, the pyramid of HuacaPucllana highlight the richness of local cultures. Sleek hotels and casinos are on coastal cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Modern and historic stand side by side here in the city of Lima. Would you like to experience Peru’s culture? Go direct to the places where they lived, the best way to get in touch with Peru’s ancient cultures. Several major archeological sites are found a few hours’ drive from Lima. No need to go all the way to Machu Picchu! Discover dazzling pictures of Grand Canyon, GeofferyBawa’s architectural fingerprints in the region of Ceylon. Enjoy!

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