SILVERKRIS – October 2013

SILVERKRIS – October 2013

The travel magazine of Singapore airlines
Language : Chinese / English
Category : Travel

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In its October 2013 issue, SILVERKRIS introduces Simon Christen, a photographer who captures Mother Nature in action. Through the pages, we ship to Italy to the discovery of a Florentine wander and to Australia with the hidden gems that make Melbourne a magical destination.

Let us venture away from the gleaming skycrapers and discover the other side of Dubai that few rarely get to see, such as the historic district of Bastakyia. Jeannie Mai, the international fashion stylist and TV host shares her dream destination and tips for travelling in style. Other exclusives, “SILVERKRIS” recommends three worthy great routes to explore and to marvel at the magnificent pictures of Simon Christen: imagine the North Bay of San Francisco and other natural landscapes captured in their panoramic glory! Other grand experiences, Peninsula Academy has a host of new activities, such as a helicopter excursion to a Malibu wine estate and a meeting with a Japanese paper craft master!

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