SUNJET – July/August 2013

SUNJET – July/August 2013

The inflight magazine of Cyprus airways
Category : Travel
Language : Ελληνική / English
Contenu : Crete, Cyprus, Suffolk…
100 pages

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The July 2013 issue of Sunjet focuses on the beautiful fine sandy beaches of Cyprus. A section also highlights the tasty dishes of the island. And you will also better know about the city of Suffolk by reading the issue.

Being the only island divided by a green mile, Cyprus is indisputably a sunny destination. The seaside of the country offers us a large variety of landscape, including sandy beaches and rocky coasts. Still in Cyprus, visitors can discover centuries old buildings, such as the Odeon Amphitheatre or the Fort.
Sunjet also takes us to Crete, the vastest greek island. This holiday destination is the best choice to associate cultural discovery and seaside tourism. The sun is present everyday expect some days in winter.
Taking the direction of the north, Sunjet lands us is Suffolk, a surprising English town that is located in the Eastern coast of Great-Britain.

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